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June 25, 2018

Does Your Estate Plan Cover Your Digital Assets?

Steps To Take Right Now to Protect Your Digital Assets

What’s going to happen to your Facebook account when you die? Or all the songs you’ve downloaded from iTunes? According to a 2013 McAfee study, the average person has roughly $35,000 worth of assets stored on digital devices. That includes personal records such as photographs, videos, hobbies and career information, as well as purchased movies, […]

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Long Term Care Planning is a Must for Seniors

Get the Best Care Possible for Your Parents

Long term care (LTC) covers a variety of services to support the medical and non-medical needs of individuals who are unable to care for themselves over an extended time period. It is a highly individualized care system that can be provided formally—by an institution—or informally. Institutions providing long term care are known by various names […]

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